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"I really wanted to structure the business correctly, get back to basics, and build a solid foundation for us to grow. I wanted to improve our systems and become more efficient in the way we worked. I wanted to remove myself from the business and achieve a sellable, franchise-able model. The first session for me was priceless, I'd believed my own hype - that I had it all sussed out - and Marianne helped me get really clear about where I was going, what my goals were, and what I needed to do to get there. Thanks to Marianne and the team, I can see magical things happening here" 

Ryan Jackson - Managing Director, Gemini Parking Solutions
"It was invaluable to our business being able to take key team members out of the office to work on the business instead of in it. I've been working on this for a while on my own (not always successfully), and taking team members along to the input days made this shift a lot easier for all of us.
Marianne makes everything clear and simple. She encouraged and supported us to think differently and help us to implement the systems she was teaching. I felt like she was on my team with us. We gained so much - a vision of where we are going, engagement of the key team, and the ability to build and implement systems that will help us not only achieve our vision, but also make everyone's life easier. Thanks Marianne!”

Jennifer Page, Affinity Gymnastics
"My business now supports my life rather than my life (long hours, no holidays, team issues taking priority over my family) 
supporting my business" 

Heena Thaker - CEO, Intentional Wealth Creation
"The work I'm now doing is much more focused on developing the business - taking it forwards rather than fire-fighting. 
I'm able to look at it strategically. Last years' figures were up 25%"

Kelly Feltham - Practice Manager, JLA
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